About Us

Mr. Nikos Xourafis was born in 1952 in Athens and was brought up in a commercial family with commercial activities since 1906. In 1962 Mr. Nikos’s father, Mr. Dimitris Xourafis, established a company under the name of " DIM. XOURAFIS ", as a small industry based on wholesales, by manufacturing jeans for men and women. In 1974 a new company with the name " DIM. XOURAFIS & SON " was established, with Mr. Nikos Xourafis in the position of production manager.

    The purpose of the company was the manufacture of men's trousers of very good quality and stitching and the Wholesales in the Greek Market. Meanwhile, Mr. Nikos Xourafis added to his knowledge with education of short duration : MARKETING, ACCOUNTING (GR). TAXES ACCOUNTING (GR), TAXES ACCOUNTING (EC), SALES STRATEGY.

     In 1981 the labels  “B.C.B.G.”, “ANDROID”,  “8½ Clothes Time”, " Borghese men's wear " were used for the first time and coat, suit and overcoat were added in the collections.

     In 1988 after the retiring of Mr. Dim. Xurafis, the Individual Company under the name of "Borghese menswear NIKOS XOURAFIS" was established and exists until today. The activities have changed as a large number of products is imported ready from Europe and new products, such as shirts, ties, T-shirts, accessories and jackets have been added to the company's products.

     In 2019 the firm "Borghese menswear NIKOS XOURAFIS" renamed  at "Borghese menswear KONSTANTINA-DAPHNE XOURAFI"  imports and sales in his retail shop at 58 Mikras Asias str  11527  Ampelokipi  Athens